Company Profile

MPI Technology has been able to build a reputation for itself and by continuously develop its products. Founded in 1995, our core business has been the development of hardware interfacing solutions that have evolved into complete integrated applications. The ownership of the business has never changed and our customers can confirm our ability to provide lasting solutions. What makes MPI Technology the ideal integrated solution partner is the combination of a range of well-proven off-the-shelf products (of great versatility and legendary reliability).

The role that we as designers have played in achieving this success has been very important: the areas of hardware and software design represent 70% of MPI Technologies work, both in the development of new applications and in the design of specific production orders. Our office is extensively equipped with Information Technology instruments to improve the effectiveness of design and rationalize data sharing.

MPI Technology cooperates with a selection of local partners for the maintenance and implementation of integrated solutions and prefers to concentrate on the strategic tasks of design, development, assembly and testing.